Month November 2020

Poodle Origin

brown curly coated small dog on green grass field during daytime

The Poodle is miscategorized as being pampered, insanely cute, and dressed up for glam and show. If you own a Poodle or researched about the breed, then you’ll know that this is such a wrong stereotype! Poodles have such an…

Poodle Personality

short-coated brown dog
Poodle Personality: Poodles bond with their family quickly; yet, these bonds are strong and last a lifetime. Poodles grow into very loving pets, are known to pour out affection to their owners and other creatures they've been raised with.

Poodle Puppies

white poodle puppy in white coat
Poodle Puppies: Poodles are incredibly full of energy and active dogs with a sweet character and eagerness to please everyone.

Poodle Training Tips

shallow focus photography of brown dog
Poodle Training: The Poodle is among the most lovable breed of dogs ever. They're cute to look at, bubbly in their natures, and always keen to please their owners.

Poodle History

brown long coated dog on green grass field near lake during daytime
Poodle History: Poodles are grouped into three distinct types, the Standard, Miniature, and Toy. The American Kennel Club, the top authority on dogs’ breed, delineates these types by size.