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All About Teacup Poodle Puppies

Are you planning to get a Poodle but don’t know which type to get? There are different kinds of Poodle breeds based on their size and mixes! The Teacup Poodle is new and an even smaller version of the Toy Poodle.

The Teacup Poodle is the smallest among the breed’s types, with its tiny size has it look like a teddy bear. Before you choose and get a Teacup Poodle, I’ll share all you need to know about this adorable breed.

About the Teacup Poodle Puppy

The Teacup Poodle, also known as the Micro Poodle, is a kind of Toy Poodle but further shrunken down through selective breeding methods. The Teacup comes from the same bloodline as all Poodles, but its size makes it different.

This breed is becoming popular because of its tiny stature, cute faces, and ease of bringing them around. Dog owners who want a teddy bear-like pet will wish to a Teacup Poodle, whose aesthetics factor into how wanted they are. If you live in a small home or want to take your dog everywhere as you travel or run errands outdoors, you’ll love the Teacup.

Breeders created the Teacup Poodle by breeding the smallest Toy Poodles together.

Because of this, Teacup Poodles aren’t a recognized type under the American Kennel Club. All Poodles shorter than 10 inches tall are classified as Toy poodles. If you register your Teacup Poodle in the Kennel Club, they will be classified as the Toy.

While Teacup Poodles are tiny, they still share the same temperament as the other types of Poodles. Though their size makes them too delicate for too much work and exercise, they are intelligent and agile.

While they have hunting skills, they are bred to be snuggle bugs known for their affection, playfulness, and socialness.

Size and Appearance

Teacup comes from breeders who decided on the name for all Poodles under 9 inches in height. The smallest Teacup Poodle is 6 inches tall, weighing only 2 pounds! They are considered one of the tiniest dogs worldwide, and despite their size, they are unique and elegant regardless of their age.

Teacup Poodles look like Mini and Toy Poodles, but smaller. They have the same long muzzle, dark oval eyes, round faces, square bodies, and furry, floppy ears. Furthermore, they have a thick, single-layered curly coat that is considered hypoallergenic, suitable for allergies.

Many Teacup Poodle owners take advantage of their dog’s small size and maximize their adorability with the puppy clip. The puppy clip is natural-looking and straightforward, leaving your dog with an even cut. That way, your dog will look like tiny puppies, even when they’re full-grown adults!

Speaking of fully grown, you’re probably wondering if Teacup Poodles stay small. Yes, they do. Teacup Poodles won’t grow much, being 6 inches in height and weighing up to 5 pounds. If they grow any larger, they are considered another type of Poodle, such as the Standard, Miniature, or Toy.

Do They Shed?

Similar to other types of Poodles, Teacups shed. However, they don’t shed as much as the average dog.

What makes Poodles unique is their more extended shedding periods. Expect your Poodle to shed every 21 days or so, compared to other dogs that shed every few days. They will leave a few hair strands, but not enough to cause allergic reactions to those who suffer from respiratory issues.

Poodles won’t shed often, but their hair gets trapped within their coat, so they require regular brushing and grooming. I recommend brushing your Poodle daily using a medium pin brush. That way, your Poodle’s coat remains mat and tangle-free!

How Long Do They Live?

The average Poodle’s life expectancy is between 12-14 years, being a healthy breed in general. While they have a long average life span, Teacup Poodles are still prone to genetic disorders and medical health issues, such as:

  • Joint problems like Elbow and hip dysplasia
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Heart defects
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Addison’s disease

Furthermore, Teacup Poodles are prone to accidents. They’re a sensitive breed and can get hurt when falling from high places or pulling their collars. Because of this, you need to puppy-proof your home and care for your dog with utmost caution and delicacy.

Are They Good Family Dogs?

Due to their size, Teacup Poodles don’t make the best choice for families. They are loving companions and do well with children and other animals, but they may experience rough play with other pets and younger children, which hurts them!

Furthermore, Teacup and Toy Poodles don’t have the patience Standard, and Miniature Poodles do. They may react negatively towards curious children, so you have to be wary and watch over your children when playing with the dog. If you’re looking for amazing family dogs, I recommend getting the Standard or Miniature Poodle.

Can They Be Left Alone?

Teacup Poodles are very affectionate, to the point they become attached and protective of their owners. Poodles want to be treated like royalty, seeking attention all the time, which is why they are eager to please. 

While that’s a good trait, it also means your pet will be prone to separation anxiety, requiring constant love and affection. You can’t leave your furry friend alone for too long, or they become anxious and nervous, exhibiting it in barking or destructive behavior.

Speaking of barking, Teacup Poodles will bark a bit when meeting new animals and people for the first time. However, the barking lessens once comfortable with his surroundings. If left untrained and spoiled, expect a lot of barking, either out of protectiveness or demanding something. 

That’s where obedience training comes along. Being an intelligent breed, the Teacup Poodle will understand and learn commands quickly. By training them adequately, they’ll fit right at home and follow you.

Where to Get Teacup Poodles

Teacup Poodle puppies are difficult to find since they are popular and in high demand. They are pretty expensive, so expect to shell out thousands of dollars, depending on the breeder.

The high price also comes from the time and effort it takes to selectively breed the breed. Also, when the mom gives birth, she will only bear 1-2 puppies.

To find cheap Toy Poodles or Teacup Poodles, though they may not be purebred or were raised in inhumane conditions. Make sure you find a certified, dependable breeder who treats their dogs well.

When buying a Teacup Poodle, make sure you get it from reputable breeders, asking for recommendations from a friend or veterinarian. You can also check the local animal shelter if they have toy breeds like the Teacup Poodle for adoption, though this is rare.