white poodle lying on bed

Border Collie Doodle

If you are looking for a great family dog and can get by the snobbiness of obtaining a pure breed dog, look no further than a Border Collie Doodle.

A mix of two intelligent breeds, the border collie, notorious for its ability to round up sheep and cattle, and the poodle, which is also a very smart dog, a Border Collie Doodle just may be the right dog for you.

I’ll discuss all the pros and a few cons of this smart and gregarious dog in the following pages. 

What does a Border Collie Doodle look like?

These are medium-sized dogs with a general height of 12 to 22 inches high and weighing between 30 and 60 pounds.

As far as colors are concerned, a Border Collie Doodle can be a combination of black and white or grey and brown.

Although the titles are near identical, each video presents a great viewpoint for why

Border Collie Doodles are magnificent dogs, and you get to see some Border Collie Doodles puppies in action. 

Border Collie Doodle Cost?

In this, I have to both disagree and partially agree with the advice laid down by Love Your Dog.

Love Your Dog suggests that because people are catching on to these loveable dogs, you might pay $700 to $1500 for one. 

As pointed out by Dogtime, there are many Border Collie Doodles that wind up in rescue shelters, so let that be your first avenue for purchase. With a shelter dog, you can probably get by for less than $100 and still get a great dog. 

The trick is to spend time with the dog. If your poodle does not immediately respond to you and is generally listless, then this may be an abused dog. Unless you have a great deal of time and patience, this high-maintenance pup may not be good for the family.

You want an active, cheerful dog, and that’s what you will find with most rescue dogs.

Another advantage of obtaining a dog from a rescue shelter is that many loveable, older dogs are already house trained. They just need a loving home and may have been given up only as a last resort by their previous owner because of the death of a child or spouse in the house. 

Above all, take your children with them and see how the dog interacts with them. If the dog is friendly to the entire family, you’ve got yourself a winner.

Do Border Collie Doodles Shed?

The answer is mixed, but if they shed at all, it is not much. 

According to Hello Bark, at around 6 weeks old, it’s very easy to tell if your dog

will shed or not. (3)

We bathe our Border Collie Doodle once a week and give Gumdrop (that’s his name) a good brushing twice a week. And our daughter has not had a single allergic reaction in three years of ownership. 


Without question, we can say our own border collie doodle, who was around 1 year of age, instantly bonded with the entire family.

While they suspect strangers until we socialized them to seeing the person as a friend, these are very loveable dogs.

They loved to be played with and challenged, so don’t be afraid to set up obstacle courses for them to play in. 

They are so smart that they will pick up many tricks in a short amount of time. 

One word of caution, though, is that these dogs really need to be around people.

If the dog doesn’t get his fair share of attention, being the clever, smart dogs they are, they are liable to get into mischief. 

Ignore these dogs at your peril. They may just climb into your closet and destroy.

a couple of pairs of $700 high heels just to express their displeasure.

Are these high-energy dogs?

30-minute walks per day, we would recommend twice that amount.

And besides walking, teach your dog to chase a stick or chase a frisbee if you really want to get them discharged from their natural energy state.

Do so, and you will quickly find how much they will snuggle up next to you while within the house. 

Do Border Collie Doodles bark a lot?

From our experience, no. They have a tendency to bark at strangers. But the dogs can become socialized and trained to emit a minimum number of extraneous barks.

If your Border Collie Doodle is barking a lot, it’s because they need some attention, either physical or mental.

Are there health concerns with a Border Collie Doodle?

All dogs may have health concerns, so plan on putting aside around two or three hundred dollars for veterinary exams.

Here Vets seem to be divided. Some say once a year unless the dog is older. While others say twice a year.

If your dog visits the vet twice a year, they will help keep a watchful eye on any pet problems.

But other than that both breeds, border collies and poodles, are fairly healthy, so there is no reason to suspect that your Border Collie Doodle will be anywise other than health.

How much to feed your pet

Fortunately, our vet is a practical man and recommended a combination of good old Alpo and dry kibble.

We have been feeding Gumdrop this combination for three years and have had literally no health problems with her.

On average, we spend around 35 cents per day or about $11 per month. We spend much more on her many toys than we do on food. 

And speaking of food, learn what food not to feed your poodle as well as an appropriate serving size for them.. These dogs can and will become unhealthy if you overfeed them.

As well, teach your children not to feed the dog people’s food. Dogs should know their place in the family and should never be provided beneath the kitchen table. 

Are there reputable Border Collie Breeders?

Yes, there are reputable breeders for Border Collies. One way to find a reputable breeder is to ask other dog owners who they would recommend. 

Consider joining The National Dog Show Association. They promote responsible breeding.

With the NDSA, you can enjoy discounts on AKC registration fees, insurance coverage, and even free training classes.

How big do Border Collie Doodles get?

The size depends solely on parental genetics and is between 12 and 22 inches high and 30 to up to 60 pounds on average. 

Again, therefore, I hesitate to recommend breeders, as these dogs have a combination of genes. The dog’s size depends on the size of the poodle parentage, whether it was a standard, miniature, or possibly even a toy poodle. 

Regardless of the mix, you are getting one of the smartest dogs in the animal kingdom, and you are liable to enjoy these dogs for a full lifespan of around 15 years. 

Some parting thoughts

Border Collie Doodles are very loyal, loving, and quite tolerant dogs (although you must teach your children to play with the dogs gently.

Be sure you have enough time with them to keep them happy and satisfied, as they don’t enjoy being left alone or be inactive without something to do.

But if you have the time, patience, and love to give to these fantastic pets, they will reward you with love and affection.