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Poodle Origin

brown curly coated small dog on green grass field during daytime
Poodles have a misunderstood status for being pampered, insanely cut and dressed up, and depicted as an accessory in movies. If you have a Poodle or have educated yourself a little on the breed, you’d know that this label is…

Poodle Fun

long-coated white dog
Poodle Fun: Poodles think they're human. They love their owners faithfully and wish to be with them. Many individuals believe that Poodles originated in Germany. The Breed Poodle originates from the German term Pudel, which is short for Pudelhund, a derivative suggesting "splashing dog."

Poodle History

brown long coated dog on green grass field near lake during daytime
Poodle History: Poodles are grouped into three distinct types, the Standard, Miniature, and Toy. The American Kennel Club, the top authority on dogs’ breed, delineates these types by size.