Facts About the Terrier Poodle Mix

The Terrier Poodle Mix, also fondly called the Terripoo, is a popular designer dog and one of the most popular Poodle Mix breeds today. Coming from the Australian Poodle and Mini Poodle, the Terrier Poodle Mix is intuitive, intelligent, and very playful, making them a wonderful family pet.

Take a look at the Terripoo and learn if they make excellent family pets for you!

Poodle Terrier Mix History

While the Terripoo’s exact history isn’t clear, we know they were one of the hybrid breeds taking part in the popular trend back in the 1980s, when everyone was creating Poodle mixed breeds. So, the Terrier Poodle Mix most likely originated in the USA.

In terms of the Terripoo’s parent breeds, the Australian Terrier has existed since the 1800s. It comes from Australia, a result of breeding British Terrier breeds. People originally produced Terripoos to control rabbits, foxes, and rats, with larger Terriers hunting badgers.

As for Poodles, they originated in Germany and became the national dog in France! Initially, people bred them as waterfowl retrievers, with their original Poodle clip made to make them buoyant and protected when in the waters. Poodles are one of the brightest dog breeds with hypoallergenic coats.

Both the Poodle and Terrier are popular breeds that have a wide range of jobs back in the day. Because of this, they have high activity levels that require regular exercise and proper training. The same will go for the Terrier Poodle Mix, which we’ll tackle in the next section. 

Poodle Terrier Mix Appearance

The Terrier Poodle Mix is a small-sized breed, though their size would vary depending on the parent breeds’ sizes. There are three types of Poodle sizes, which are:

  • Standard Poodle
  • Mini Poodle
  • Toy Poodle

Usually, Terripoos is a cross between the Australian Terrier and Miniature Poodle. However, breeders may also use Standard Poodles or Toy Poodles as the parent breed, making them taller or smaller. 

A Terrier Poodle Mix would generally stand at 9-15 inches tall and weigh between 10-14 pounds, regardless of gender. 

Poodle Terrier Mix Personality

Terripoos are very loving and social animals, so expect them to crave being the center of attention. They want to be part of all the family activities, especially when it involves a lot of games and physical activity! The Terrier Poodle Mix will appreciate an affectionate family that matches his cheerful disposition and active lifestyle. 

Like the Poodle, Terripoos are very intuitive and sensitive. They can pick up their owner’s moods, feeling the same way you do. So, when you feel down, your Terrier Poodle Mix will likely cuddle with you. But if you feel happy and energetic, the Terripoo will reflect that by being extremely playful and move a lot!

While the Terrier Poodle Mix makes a wonderful family pet, their love for attention and other people can also cause separation anxiety when left alone for long periods. Make sure that you don’t leave your Terripoo alone for too long, or this can lead to stress and destructive behavior.

Also, both parent breeds are some of the smartest dog breeds that learn quickly. This trait makes them easy to train, though you must do it while they’re still puppies since they can get an Australian Terrier’s stubborn and dominant characteristics.

Furthermore, Terripoos need to be trained and socialized early on to feel more at ease with other people and animals. Doing so will prevent any destructive or aggression issues. And because Terripoos are alert and protective, socializing them while they’re puppies will have them learn the difference between who is dangerous and who’s a new friend.

The parent breeds have tons of energy so that you can expect that from the Terrier Poodle Mix. This trait can make them a bit naughty and mischievous, though very fun to be with. But again, Terriers are known to have a stubborn streak, so you’ll need to show that you are in charge and not your Terrier Poodle mix puppy. That way, your Terrier Poodle Mix will respect you and know their place, preventing them from becoming dominant and doing whatever they want.

All these breed characteristics make Terripoos excellent family pets and companion dogs. Even apartment dwellers will enjoy the Terrier Poodle Mix because of how much easier it is to provide proper training and exercise without always having to go out. 

Poodle Terrier Mix Health Issues and Lifespan

Generally, Terripoos are healthy dogs. On average, Terripoos can live for 12-16 years, depending on their size. Smaller Terripoos can live for 15-18 years, while larger ones have a life expectancy of 12-15 years. 

However, your Terrier Poodle Mix may be susceptible to specific genetic health concerns their parent breed has, such as:

  • Addison’s disease
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes disease
  • Hip dysplasia or other joint issues
  • Diabetes
  • Mitral Valve disease
  • Skin disorders
  • Cataracts, lens luxation, or other eye issues

You can help ensure your Terrier Poodle Mix lives a long and healthy life through proper diet and daily exercise.

The Terrier Poodle Mix diet should include premium dog food formulated for small dog breeds with plenty of energy! It’s best to divide his food into 2-3 meals daily rather than free feeding, as this can cause your dog to overeat.

The exact amount of dog food you’ll feed will depend on his weight, age, overall health, and energy level. Speak with his veterinarian to receive a specific recommendation to maintain a healthy weight.

You will also need to give your Terrier Poodle Mix plenty of exercise to keep him happy and healthy. While they are very energetic, their small size makes them better to manage. You can either take them out for walks or play indoors, which is easy for their size. Make sure they get 45-60 minutes of daily exercise, either through walks, playing fetch, agility training, or toys that help their mental stimulation.

Besides adequate exercise, proper training is also a must for Terripoos. Make sure that he goes through obedience training, house training, leash training, and socialization. Use positive reinforcement while training your dog, which has him better learn and understand commands during training.

If you leave your Terrier Poodle Mix alone, they won’t only suffer from separation anxiety but aggressive behaviors. Remember, this is an active breed bred for the busy lifestyle, so keep the exercise and training consistent for a happy dog. 

You don’t need to exercise your Terrier Poodle Mix outdoors all the time, nor will you need a huge backyard. The Terripoo’s small size makes them great for apartment living, and you can entertain them with lots of toys, games, and proper attention. 

Grooming Requirements of a Poodle Terrier Mix

Terripoos would inherit coats from either parent breed. That means they can have thick and shaggy or short and curly coats. Their coat colors can come in white, tan, brown, cream, red, and even blue! 

Generally, Terripoos has a medium-length coat, though this will still depend on what type of coat the mixed puppy inherited. 

Like all dogs, regular grooming is a must to prevent mats, tangling, and over shedding. 

Fortunately, Terripoos are low maintenance, though they require frequent grooming. Brush their coat 4-6 times a week. You may want to take the Terripoo to a professional groomer once a month or so for a full bath and trim, so he looks and feels his best.

Besides brushing your Terrier Poodle Mix regularly, bathe him every 4-6 weeks or as needed. It would be best to brush their teeth 2-3 times a week for better dental health. His ears should be checked and cleaned, while you should clip his nails once a week or so. 

Terripoos’ weather tolerance depends on the coat they inherit. For instance, if they have more of their Poodle parent’s coat, they can tolerate heat better but get easily cold. But if they inherited the non-Poodle parent breed’s coat, they may handle the cold better.

As for shedding, both breeds do not shed much. It doesn’t make them completely hypoallergenic, but Terripoos would be easier to handle if you have allergies, as they won’t trigger allergic reactions too much.

How Much is a Poodle Terrier Mix?

You can get a Poodle Terrier Mix from a reputable breeder near you. The cost will depend on your location, the overall demand, and the breeder himself. Terripoos from high-quality breeders and purebred parents can cost about $2,000-$3,000.

Avoid a puppy mill or backyard breeders that sell a Poodle Terrier Mix for less than $1,500. Puppy mills may mean the dogs aren’t cared for properly, making them subject to health concerns. Reputable breeders will carefully select mating pairs to produce puppies with the best possible result, caring for all the dogs and puppies.

Alternatively, you can adopt a Terrier Poodle Mix from local animal shelters, though finding a rescue dog may take time and research. Despite the high cost and effort it will take finding and caring for a Terrier Poodle Mix, it will all be worth it as they make excellent family excellent family pets that will love you forever!