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Is the Pink Poodle Real?

You may have seen the Pink Poodle before, or maybe never did until now. Either way, whether you love or hate these pink Poodles, you can recognize them a mile away!

We’ve seen Pink Poodles used in movies, photoshoots, even in clothes and interior design. These unique-colored dogs are associated with glamour and a bit of kitsch, but it makes us wonder: How have they become an iconic image and why?

Let’s talk about the Pink Poodle and the approach to grooming it takes to have one. 

Are Pink Poodles Real?

Pink Poodles are real, but that doesn’t mean their color is. Poodles come in natural colors like:

Black, Blue, Silver, Gray, Apricot, Cream, White, Brown or Chocolate, Red, Silver Beige, and Café au lait.

But never pink! So, where does the pink come from, and why do we see Poodles in that color?

There are many pet grooming packages & services that allow pet owners to dye their Poodles pink.

Why Dye Poodles Pink?

The exact reasons why and how the Pink Poodle trend existed remains a mystery. 

However, some people say that the pink trend stems from the Poodle’s career as a circus dog back in the early 19th century. Poodles entertained the audience with their clever and funny tricks!

Circus owners probably wanted to experiment with Poodles, coloring them a bright pink to attract attention and amusement. 

When Poodles began gaining popularity as companion dogs for the rich, there was an increased demand for creative grooming service styles because of the Poodle’s tight, curly coat. 

Since we consider Poodles as elegant and sophisticated dogs, dying them pink wasn’t only a fashion statement and advertised owners’ wealth, showing that they can indulge as grooming customers.

Until this day, you can still find Pink Poodles! You can even find groomers with decades of grooming experience actively developing new styles in their color work. Furthermore, poodle owners continue looking for ways to have their dogs stand out from the crowd, with many saying that their dogs enjoy the attention from their bright coats.

However, there’s growing resistance to what people see as an excessive grooming procedure for the dog’s welfare.

Is the Dye Safe for Grooming?

Back in the early 19th century, the methods of dyeing Poodle coats pink were probably questionable. But today, you can choose inclusive grooming care, with professionals using specially developed and non-toxic hair dye for dogs.

That said, responsible breeders would advise against dyeing any dog’s coat if it has sensitive skin. Even non-toxic formulas may irritate sensitive pooches.

Poodles need to go through a 24-hour patch test before a groomer applies the pink dye to the entire coat. 

If you want to dye your Poodle pink, try going to a professional groomer with DIY kits rather than doing it yourself. At-home kits like canine hair spray and chalks are safe but dangerous if amateurs misuse them.

While some owners use food coloring, it’s not a great choice. It’s a significant effort and responsibility to keep the colorant away from sensitive areas. It would be best to prevent your dog from licking the coloring before washing and drying it.

Never use human hair dye on dogs! Even the semi-permanent varieties have toxic chemicals resulting in coat damage and skin burns. 

Can Black Poodles Turn Pink?

Not all Poodles can turn pink, particularly those with darker colors. A solid white Poodle can achieve a bright pink coat, but lighter colors like apricot or white with markings may have a less intense and uneven pink coat. 

The darker your Poodle’s original coat color is, the less effective dyeing it will be. Because of that, it’s difficult to impossible to dye your black Poodle pink. That said, you can always choose a pink bow or collar, which will stand out amazingly against your Poodle’s dark coat. 

Should You Die Your Poodle’s Coat Pink?

Dyeing a Poodle pink, or any color for the matter, doesn’t have any benefit. Some people say it’s unfair to put dogs through more grooming procedures just for the sake of decor. 

But we can compare this to other standard practices like having Poodles wear decorative collars or posing for a picture. While these practices don’t directly benefit Poodles, owners love how they get to show off their lovely dogs. 

As long as you dye your dog’s hair safely and through a professional groomer, there won’t be much trouble. Owners love seeing their pets thrive off the attention they receive from their unique color.

Another concern is how the dying practice would encourage owners to do the same at home over a professional groomer. Fortunately, there are laws in various parts of the world that make it illegal to dye any pet’s fur. Consult a reputable groomer and veterinarian before you have your Poodle’s coat dyed.