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Poodle Grooming

Many dog owners and groomers love poodles because they have a wool-like and hypoallergenic coat that doesn’t shed. But their thick, wavy, and constantly growing coats come with a price. They will need to have routine grooming to help keep their skin free of tangles!

A professional groomer can help, or you can do it on your own. Performing the latter may seem like a daunting task, but it can strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Even for grooming newbies, it’s completely possible as long as you have the right tools and knowledge for the job.

So if you’re thinking of grooming your poodle yourself, read on for the ultimate guide for grooming young and adult poodles!

How often should Poodles be groomed?

The average time required to properly groom a Poodle starts at 8 weeks of age, with the Puppy start at 11 weeks. Go through the puppy clip at your grooming table to see how frequently your puppy should be shaped.

As with everything you do on the grooming table, don’t be surprised if the groomer creates clumps. It is a normal process to have flakes of hair coming out of your Poodle, and if you get too many clumps going on a Poodle, this will make grooming a nervous experience for the dog. Remember, any time you accidentally get clumps of hair on your dog, the puppy might react angrily to that, which can turn you into an Introverted Crafter. Groomer your Poodle under the supervision of a professional groomer and she may also allow the puppy to be groomed with the groomer.

Once you have left a grooming appointment with your Poodle, be sure to brush his or her coat and brush from the base of the hair to the tips. It is unnecessary to have the groomer clip or cut the Poodle coat. He or she will trim the loose hair when the puppy or dog does. A Poodle is a dog breed, though not all dogs are made equal. The standard Poodle (Toy Poodle) or the Miniature Poodle, (possibly Maltipoo) are some breeds where grooming may be a requirement for all dogs. Bring your puppy or dog to grooming with you if you have done a puppy haircut before.

As with being a dog owner, whether or not you like it, grooming is an important part of what you do on the dog’s grooming table. Take your dog to a professional groomer for a Poodle shave or off-site haircuts. One thing to keep in mind is that a Miniature Poodle needs more brushing in the same area as the Standard Poodle, and the Head of Coat needs to be groomed more regularly than the Poodle’s hair.

To avoid any clumps, when asking a groomer to shave your dog’s coat, make sure that he or she has the necessary equipment like a bristle brush, slicker brush, pin brush, topknot, corded Poodle grooming chair, and slicker brush to brush through the Poodle’s coat. A grooming appointment with a professionally groomed Poodle is recommended if you are worried about a tangles-free coat.

Wherever possible, take your Poodle to a professional groomer who will trim his or her coat, trim your puppy’s nails and trim your dog’s nails. Do not be surprised if you have cut the Poodle’s coat short- or trimmed it long-it will look amazing next season. Remember, the puppy is a dog, not a cat (or any dog) and the adult coat is a dog’s fur, not the dog’s coat.

What Are Some Things You Should Know Before Grooming Your Poodle?

Before grooming, make sure that the dog is clean, and preferably groomed on a similar schedule to the puppy clip, slicker brush, pin brush, and grooming table. You can order some Dog Shampoo or Dog Clippers from a grooming salon or a dog owner can bring them to your floor so that the poodle has a chance to develop its coat.

If you are expecting a grooming appointment and don’t mind getting a puppy cut short- because you can’t but worry about cutting the Poodle’s coat- look for a pup cut or shaved with a professional groomer. If the groomer tells you that he or she will trim your Poodle’s coat, don’t be surprised. Many dog breeds that aren’t groomed on a regular schedule, like the Golden Retriever or Shih Tzu, end up with a double-coated dog that needs to be groomed. Other dog breeds that have fur on their body, like the Maltese or the Yorkshire Terrier (who also have fur), could end up with a glossy, thick, and wavy coat, and shave the Poodle’s coat, which should be elegant but requires trimming.

Puppy grooming is important. Take your dog to the grooming table with you, go to the dog groomer, and thank him or her for allowing your dog, and for allowing you to groom your Poodle. After the groom, be sure to brush your Poodle’s coat, trim your dog’s hair and have the dent made in your dog’s teeth. Every time you smile at your Poodle, be sure to do so because your Poodle will love it. Remember that a pet is a pet and the dog owner will want to be there with the poodle after the groom and toy poodle.

For U.S. customers who have already paid for grooming, be sure to save some money at a groomer. Ask for a driving license and check with the bank to see if you can get one. The Poodle fur can be hard to mess with but maybe not a big problem if you know how to groom your dog’s face, ears, paws, tail. The Poodle fur should shine because it is softer than many of the Poodle’s hair (a definition shared by a professional groomer).

When your pet is ready for grooming, consider joining a grooming organization or having a pet groomer show your dog. Groomers may offer nail trimming, brushing, and bathing, etc. This is great for some dogs but not all dogs. Also, the pup in question will still need a clean face, ears, paws, tail and his or her nails trimmed regularly. Dog grooming can be a relaxing opportunity for the dog owner and groomer. Some groomers will sit you and offer to clean your dog’s coat before they do the grooming.

Poodle Hair Basics

Before we head towards the hair care basics, let’s first address a few questions about your poodle’s hair.

Puppy and Adult Coats A poodle puppy’s coat changes as they grow older. Puppy coats are soft in comparison with an adult’s thick, curly coats.

For miniature and toy poodles, their coats will begin changing around nine months old, with the process taking about nine months. Once they hit 18-24 months old, they have grown a full adult coat. As for a standard poodle, his coat changes between 9-16 months, with the process taking only about three months, a shorter timeline.

Shedding and Hypoallergenic Coat poodles are known to have non-shedding and hypoallergenic coats, one of the many reasons they are a popular breed.

Poodles don’t have the plush double coat other breeds have. Instead, they have one dense coat of curly body hair. While these hairs fall, they would fall towards their skin. Poodles do shed a bit; they do so in a non-traditional way.

As for their hypoallergenic coat, however, there are very few people who may still be allergic to the poodle.

A poodle’s hair may contain dandruff, which may cause an allergic reaction to some. Most dog breeds have allergens from the microscopic dander elements they may carry.

With that in mind, poodles would shed from their skin every three weeks, which would reduce the number of allergens that can trigger allergic reactions.

During the coat change, your poodle’s coat may become matted, which can ruin their coat. That’s why poodle hair care is vital, especially during this time. After this dog is grown into its adult coat, it will be much easier to conduct basic coat maintenance.

Can I groom my poodle myself?

In a grooming salon, the groomer will trim your Poodle, cut your pup’s coat (on his or her body, similar to the packaging used for a T.V. commercial) and do it for you, and for your pet, plus clip your dog’s fur. The dog owner will have to stand the groomer and walk it repeatedly, and the dog owner will have to linger on the table for another 4-5 hours. Staying still doesn’t help. It makes your dog look grumpy.

In dog grooming, the poodle groomers will come over, trim your dog’s coat without cutting it or pushing the fur in. Unlike A Dog Owner who would like to groom his or her Poodle Puppy, a dog owner will then allow all of this grooming, trimming, brushing, and bathing to be done by the pet owner.

The poodle fur will stand up looking like a teddy bear. The groomer will trim the poodle hair out of the dog’s coat with thinning shears and the dog will sport a fluffy front, while the rest of the body will be shaved. You should learn how to groom your poodle yourself. You might even want to ask your dog groomer, ‘Can I groom my poodle myself?’

What type of dog is your dog? The Poodle is a miniature, standard Poodle. The Poodle is a smart dog-hot-temperament. The Poodle has a short muzzle with a white muzzle. The Poodle’s coat may come in any of seven dog breeds: Labrador Retriever, Goldendoodle, Cockapoo, Maltipoo, and so on. A Goldendoodle may come in several colors, and a Cockapoo may even be half-white. The Poodle protects the dog’s skin and skin conductance. The Poodle is hypoallergenic and can shed. Labradoodles and Poodles are both used in dog grooming. The coat of a Poodle may be curly or smooth-coated and can be shaved.

If you are interested in dog grooming, put yourself in the shoes of the dog groomer and see if your pup wants the grooming. All dogs do. They need their coat trimmed, brushed, and combed-in regularly, and when their coat is being soiled, washed, and combed out, often harnessed out on the route. It just might make your poodle puppy feel uncomfortable.

Can you wash your dog’s coat with a dog clipper? Yes, you can. Dog grooming can be too painful for some dogs; the stress on one’s body trying to get the hair out of the coat can also be stressful. It is best to learn to groom your dog yourself. Ask your dog groomer, ‘Can you groom my miniature Poodle?’ and hang up. You won’t have to do it all yourself.

How does a poodle groom? If your pup has curly coats, the Poodle coats will look straight. This will make the dog look taller and taller on your beard. The Poodle hair on the muzzle will be calmer and more manageable. The adult coat is easier to hold up, but you need to push and waiting. Poodle grooming is usually done by a professional groomer around 4-6 weeks of age.

Can I groom my toy poodle? Yes, the toy poodle has a curly coat that will look slightly different. This is because fur constantly gets on a poodle’s coat that doesn’t allow it to grow. The grooming on a toy poodle also keeps the hair stiffer, unlike a poodle with a curly coat. Poodle grooming care can be DIY; yet, is usually done by the pet groomer or a professional groomer.

How do I groom my Miniature Poodle? Poodle grooming is done by regularly tugging the coat; putting it in the dog’s ear; clipping one part of it; trimming the hair. This is a little bit awkward because your pet groomer or professional groomer will take charge. Like a T.V commercial, handling and grooming a dog too often is difficult. If your dog has long hair, little claws, or requires frequent pawing pads or sandals, a dog groomer might handle this for you.

Poodle Hair Care 101

When caring for your poodle’s coat and hair, there are various tips to follow, such as:

  • Brush your poodle’s hair daily to remove any loose hair, matting, and dirt. Try using a soft slicker brush and going against the direction of hair growth.
  • If you see any matting, rub a bit of cornstarch before separating the mats with your fingers, starting from the ends to the skin. You can use a medium-tooth comb to remove the remaining tangling.
  • Your poodle will benefit from a bath every few weeks to help prevent mats and keep their coat clean. Make sure that you brush their body completely before a bath, and use a suitable dog shampoo. Be gentle as you work the haircare products for your poodle.
  • After shampooing, rinse him thoroughly, feeling all soapy areas using your hands. Don’t miss a spot, as suds left on their skin can cause skin irritation. You can use this time to check your poodle’s skin for any skin irritations, fleas, ticks, or suspicious bumps that you would follow up with their veterinarian if found.
  • Apply canine cream rinse to prevent matting and then give him one final rinse. Now, you can fluff-dry their coat by brushing as you blow-dry it. This technique helps achieve a fluffy coat without matting.

Nail Care Basics for a Standard Poodle

Tip: You know your poodle’s nails are too long once you can hear them clicking the floor. While this may be the least favorite grooming activity for poodles, this is essential to prevent discomfort and infections. There are various ways to trim a dog’s nails : cutting them, using a grinder, or both these methods.

Trimming Their Nails

Here are the steps to follow for properly trimming your poodle’s nails: 

  • Pick one of their paws up, firmly and gently placing your thumb on their toe pad with your forefinger on their toe and skin above their nail. None of your dog’s fur should be in the way.
  • Push your thumb a bit up and back on their toe pad, pushing your forefinger to extend their nail.
  • Clip the nail tip, making sure it’s straight across. Also, include the dewclaws of your poodle, which are from the paw’s inner side.
  • Do NOT clip past the nails’ curves, or you might hit the quick (the pink part of a nail containing blood vessels), causing pain and bleeding! If your dog has dark nails, watch out for the chalky white rings. You can use curved scissors to prevent clipping the wrong parts. 

Grinding Their Nails

Follow these steps when you opt to grind your dog’s nails using a grinding band.

  • Use the proper tool from reputable brands.
  • Grind small parts of your dog’s nail at a time, supporting their toes firmly but gently. Start across the bottom, carefully going from the tip of their nail to smooth those rough edges.
  • To have more control, hold your grinder up and towards the top.
  • Monitor your poodle as you grind his nails, making sure that he is comfortable without feeling any skin sensitivity.
  • For dogs with long hair, keep it back from your grinder to prevent it from getting caught.

Routinely Clean Your Poodles Ears and Eyes

Besides their coat and nails, your poodle will also need eyes and ears care to help prevent their sensitive skin from accumulating dust and dirt, which may lead to infection.

Here are the steps to follow when you clean your dog’s ears:

  • Remove all the dead hair from the entrance of their ear canal, using your fingers first. Be sure that you pull softly to avoid hurting your poodle. Alternatively, you can use blunt or rounded tweezers.
  • Next, perform duct cleaning around the delicate part of your poodle’s ears. To do this, you can use saline, hydrogen peroxide, or other pet products made for cleaning dog ears.
  • Dampen gauze with your chosen ear cleaning product. Avoid using cotton, as the strands could become trapped in their ears. Wind the gauze around your finger or a blunt clamp, carefully slipping it into the ear duct as you lift your dog’s ear for more visibility.
  • Carefully drag the gauze to remove all the dirt around the ear duct and make sure no gauze sticks to the area once you have cleaned the ear canal, clean inside their ear, changing the gauze.
  • Be careful as you perform this procedure, as your dog can end up moving their head, injuring its ear duct.

When cleaning your dog’s eyes, you can use pet-friendly tear stain wipes or a saline solution. It’s best to wipe your poodle’s eyes once or twice a day using gauze. Like cleaning your dog’s ears, make sure that you carefully drag it around the eye area to remove any buildup or residue.

10 Simple Steps to Grooming Your Poodle at Home

Now that you’re familiar with cleaning specific parts of your poodle, the next thing to learn about is a good approach to grooming. Follow these simple steps to groom your poodle yourself, from head to tail:

When to Groom Your Poodle

You will need to groom your poodle every 4-6 weeks. Expect the grooming process to take between 2-5 hours.

For a bath, brush, and trim, it would take around 2 hours. A complete grooming session, complete with the bath, brush, full cut, and other maintenance routines, can take approximately 3-5 hours.

Again, you may take your poodle to a grooming salon, or it is possible to do it yourself. A quick search of groomer pricing found a range of $30-90, depending on the services you want and your location.

However, it’s possible to groom your poodle yourself if you have readily available the time and basic grooming tools. Follow these steps carefully to give your dog a safe and enjoyable pet grooming experience.

Bathe Your Dog

Ensure that their coat is completely dry and brushed from the head to tail using a slicker brush to ensure there aren’t any knots. Rinse, shampoo, rinse again.

Start with the Feet

You will then want to trim some furs from the paws, which have grown out between their pads. Use the pet clipper (it’s best to use adjustable blade clippers) and set the blade in the shortest setting.

Your dog’s foot should be in a comfy and natural position, gently clipping the hair away. Stop when it is a finger-width above their top pad. Afterward, change the blade set to a 15, continuing around the top of their foot, starting from the toenails to the shave line made as you clipped the paw pads.

When cleaning your poodle’s nails, use a scooping motion when clipping between toes to avoid nicking the webbing.

The Face

Begin trimming your poodle’s face from the neck, shaving their neck indention upward to their chin.

Then move onto their face, continuing to clip from their inner ear in straight lines. Afterward, trim the inner corner of their eye to the nose, being extremely careful and gentle while doing so. Continue cutting the face, stretching your dog’s lips back, and gliding the clippers along with the nose, chin, and lips.

Their Backside

Using adjustable blade clippers, perform a sanitary trim to clean your poodle’s butt and backside. You can refer to tutorial videos by expert groomers for this to prevent harming your dog.

The Torso

Next up, trim their torso with a pet blade clipper that has attachment blades and guard combs. Begin by back-brushing your dog’s coat to have an even trim. Continue clipping along your poodle’s natural body contours, from their neck to tail.

As for their underside, trim from the back and down, heading towards their belly. Clip underneath from the ribcage down to their armpits, being careful to avoid hurting their delicate skin in that area.

Legs Up!

Poodle’s legs can be trimmed at a similar length to their body. Start from the top of the leg and trim downward, lifting your poodle’s leg to trim around the ankles.

Bevels and Blending

If you want your poodle to have beveled ankles, comb their leg hair straight down and clip the hair straight in along the edge, where the shaved foot and thick leg hair meet. Then, go around the angle, cleaning stray hair with grooming shears.

As for blending from the neck to the chest, skim over shaved edges using a blade clipper with a 7-blade attachment.

Top-Notch Knot

To create this knot (not to be confused with topknot hair), build a foundation for your poodle’s coat to rest on, setting the sidelines.

Start from the eye’s outer corner up to the ear. Once you created the knot, move the knot out of the way to comb down ear hair, using shears for trimming the face. Repeat this on the other side.

Ear and Eye Cleaning

Lastly, you will need to groom your poodle’s eyes and ears and clean them properly with the steps mentioned above.

To groom your poodle’s ears, use a conditioning spray and slicker brush, brushing out the tangles. Using thinning shears, blend the edges and create a clean edge.