Poodle Scandinavian Trim

We addressed many Poodle haircuts in this blog, from the Continental clip down to the Lamb cut. The style opportunities for Poodles’ curly coats are endless!

One of the fancier and attractive haircuts for Poodles is the Scandinavian clip. But before taking your dog to a professional grooming service for this famous poodle haircut, find out what this style’s all about here.

What is the Poodle Scandinavian Trim?

The Scandinavian clip sounds like a fancy poodle haircut, and similar to its name, it looks fabulous. It’s also known as the T-clip, which we consider a regal style. While the American Kennel Club doesn’t accept this as a show trim, the Scandinavian clip is an exciting poodle trim that emphasizes your dog’s features.

The stylish haircut for Poodles has a lot of “European flair” and is even known as the “Second Puppy Clip” because most pet owners have this done on adolescent Poodles who aren’t ready for full trims yet.

For this style, a professional groomer can leave the Poodle’s head puffed out or pulled into a topknot with a short-trimmed face and tail base. The entire body hair can be kept very long with lots of fluff, but low on the front and hind legs, only showing paws. That way, the trim shows off your Poodle’s lovely shape without exposing skin. 

While the Scandinavian trim is lovely, there is one downside: The hair growth may cause the style to lose shape quickly! If you’re planning to show off your Poodle at an event, you’ll need to have the haircut retouched five days before. 

The haircut isn’t as popular in the USA but common in Europe, particularly France, Italy, Germany, and Sweden. However, it is becoming a more popular haircut, with your experienced groomer most likely offering it. 

Because the clip’s overall style may be challenging for the average dog owner to perform, it takes high grooming skills and specialized grooming kits to make the haircut perfect. A pet parent should take his Poodle to an experienced and well-recommended groomer to get the job done efficiently.

You can also ask the Poodle groomer for advice on customizing the clip based on your and your dog’s tastes and needs. Some experienced dog owners may want a shorter coat on the dog’s entire body to make it easier to maintain while still looking grand.

We like the Scandinavian trim on all kinds of Poodles. Whether you own Standard Poodles, Miniature Poodles, or Toy Poodles, the haircut exudes a fancy and royal appearance that makes any dog owner proud. It may not be best for the hotter months or if you don’t have time for high-maintenance grooming, though, since the hairstyle leaves longer hair length and will require more brushing and attention to prevent matted coats.

Depending on your dog’s entire coat growth, he will need another trim within a few weeks. 

If you’re not confident with the Scandinavian trim for your Standard Poodles, there are other Poodle cuts you can try. Based on your style and needs, you can refer to our other blog posts on the acceptable Poodle haircuts or functional Poodle cuts. For instance, you can opt for the Lion clip, Lamb clip, or Kennel clip, among other fun hairstyles with distinctive features to show off your dog’s beauty!