Pugpoo – About Pug Poodle Mixed Breeds

The Pug Poodle Mix, which we also call the Pugapoo, is one of the most unique Poodle mixed breeds. After all, the Pug and Poodle are significantly different dog breeds, so breeding them results in an exciting and entertaining dog.

If you’re planning to own a Pugapoo yourself, check out what they’re like here!

About the Pug and Poodle

Poodles originated from Germany and worked as waterfowl retrievers for hunters. Later, the breed became a show dog and lapdog in various European countries, such as Britain, Germany, and France.

The Pug originated in China, pets from ruling families, with the most prized having their armed escorts! In the 16th and 17th centuries, they grew popular in Europe.

Pugapoo Appearance

There are three Poodle sizes, which are the Standard, Miniature, and Toy. Regardless of the size, they are known for their curly coats that need a lot of grooming.

Pugs have a small body type, weighing between 12-14 pounds, growing up to 10-12 inches in height. Unlike the Poodle, they have short and smooth coats that don’t need much grooming. They are also a brachycephalic breed, short-headed, giving them prominent eyes and flat faces.

When you combine the Pug and Poodle, you get a small and adorable dog! They can grow to be 8-15 inches tall, weighing between 10-30 pounds.

Generally, a Pugapoo will have an elongated nose, a short neck, and a body that can either be slim or stocky. Their front legs are usually straight and muscular, while their hind legs are angled. 

Male Pugapoos tend to be a bit stockier and aggressive, while female Pugapoos have smaller builds with a more nurturing personality.

Their coat can either be short and straight like a Pug or long and curly like a Poodle when it comes to their coat. Either way, Pugapoos aren’t known to shed a lot. But if your Pugapoo gets the coat of their Poodle parent, it requires frequent grooming and trimming to maintain their fur.

Pugapoo Personality

Now, this is where things get interesting. Pug Poodles are a unique breed because their parent breeds have contradicting personalities! Because of this, it’s difficult to predict the Pugapoo’s temperament.

Pugs were originally bred as lap dogs, feeling content indoors and needing only moderate amounts of exercise. But Poodles, particularly Standard Poodles, have high energy levels and require a lot of exercise.

Furthermore, Poodles are known for their poise and intelligence, while the Pug is a cheerful, charming breed with a bit of naughtiness in him. So when you mix these two personalities, you can get unique combinations.

But one thing’s for sure: A Pugapoo will not be boring and make excellent family dogs with their size suitable for apartment living.

They handle children well with their playful personalities. Furthermore, they are very affectionate, social, and loyal!

While male Pugapoos tend to be a bit more aggressive than female ones, their aggressiveness isn’t too concerning as long as you socialize them early on.

And because they are a friendly, social, and affectionate breed, they dislike being alone. Like Poodles, they may suffer from separation anxiety and thrive best with other people and animals around most of the time. Pugapoos also love being the center of attention, so you should keep them included in family activities!

Training and Exercise

Pugapoos, like Poodles, are an intelligent breed that’s eager to please. However, their playfulness and high activity levels may make them challenging to train early, though potty training is a breeze.

As long as you train with positive reinforcement, they will learn quickly and be eager to please you. Expect Pugapoo puppies to have a lot of energy, which they want to use for playtime. But don’t worry, they learn very quickly, so you can teach them many tricks once they know their basic commands.

Make sure that, with potty training, you also begin obedience training and socialization as early as possible. Doing so will prevent bad habits and behavioral traits. Once you expose your puppy to new people, they’ll become sociable and less anxious.

Because Pugapoos have a small body structure, they don’t require too much exercise or high amounts of activity. Forty-five minutes of exercise daily is enough, and they will appreciate walks, fun games, or even playing with toys indoors to increase their mental stimulation. However, puppies may need about an hour of exercise to release all their pent-up energy!

Health Issues

The average life expectancy of a healthy Pugapoo is about 13-15 years old. Like other crossbreeds, a Pugapoo may inherit genetic health conditions from its parent breeds, particularly the Pug.

Pugs are at risk of various medical issues because they are a brachycephalic dog breed. One of the notable health concerns is their difficulty breathing, resulting in collapsed windpipes, blocked airways, or overheating when it’s hot.

Also, they have protruding eyes, making them at risk of eye infections. They also have wrinkly skin, which is where bacteria and other pathogens like to hide. That can lead to skin fold dermatitis, which may lead to severe infections.

Poodles aren’t susceptible to as many health conditions as pugs, though they are at risk of suffering from eye conditions, Hip Dysplasia, Cushing disease, and Addison’s disease. Also, while rare, they are at a higher risk of epilepsy.

Unfortunately, Pugapoos are at risk of such medical issues. However, crossbreeding has its benefits, one of which is heterosis. Also called hybrid vigor, it means that when a mixed breed inherits the strong genes of the parents, he shows superior genetic qualities. As a result of getting the most potent genes, he is healthier and less susceptible to genetic health conditions.

But of course, it’s best to stay safe. Take your Pugapoo to routine checkups and have him checked if he’s at risk of specific conditions to have it treated or prevented early.

How Much are Pugapoos?

Pugapoos are modern mixed breeds. You can find them costing between $200 to $800, depending on the breeder’s reputation, location, along with the costs of caring for the parent breed and litter of puppies. We recommend doing background checks to avoid dealing with bad breeders who keep their dogs in inhumane conditions. 

Besides purchasing from a reputable breeder, you can also adopt from your local animal shelter. They might have a rescue Pugapoo ready for adoption. Just be prepared for the adoption fees and application process, which may take a while since they conduct screenings and interviews with all potential dog owners.