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Simple Ways to Spoil Your Poodle

Caring for your Poodle isn’t only about daily brushing sessions, cuddle time, high-quality food, and vet visits. You should also give more love and affection to your best friend through spoiling it now and then. 

Here are a few ideas on how to spoil your Poodle for pet parents and dogs to enjoy! 

Baking Time!

Your Poodle will enjoy some delicious treats! Instead of buying some, know what your dog consumes and make homemade treats. Tailor your treat recipe to your dog’s favorite foods, whether it’s plain yogurt, Greek yogurt, chicken breast, apples. Make sure you don’t include any food harmful to your Poodle, though.

You can also make your cold treats for your dog to enjoy during a hot day. You can make this special treat using bone broth, chicken broth, yogurt, and other favored ingredients. Pour these in silicone molds (you can use a bone-shaped mold or a silicone paw for design) and allow it to freeze overnight! 

Besides making homemade treats, you can also make homemade dog food to know what you feed your Poodle. Consult with a veterinarian about the wet food ingredients to add, such as ground chicken and bone meal.

Check out these DIY dog treats you can try at home:

Let Your Poodle Choose a New Toy

Go on a spontaneous trip to the pet store with your Poodle, which is a fun social outing you’ll enjoy together. 

Allow your dog to take part in what to put in your shopping cart, particularly in the pet section. There are tons of pet toys to choose from, such as pet-safe tennis balls to a challenging treat puzzle for mental stimulation.

Instead of guessing what you think your Poodle would enjoy, let it explore the pet aisle and see what it will choose! Your dog might actually like a chewy ball toy or stuffed animal as a new and fun friend to enjoy when alone. 

You can also spoil your dog by purchasing new pet products like a unique and personalized collar or doggie booties for hot days. A doggy sweater will do your dog wonders if you live in cold climates.

Give Your Poodle a Full Bath

Don’t just do the usual quick bath; give your dog a full bath and spa day, too! Your Poodle will love the bath and spa if it loves cuddling. 

After a good brushing session, bathe your Poodle with quality pet products known to soothe the mind and smell great. Condition your Poodle’s body and give it a good rubbing and rinsing with warm water. Once your dog is completely dry and comfy in bed, please give it a massage with soft, sweeping motions. 

Go for a Swim

Poodles love to swim. We bred this intelligent dog breed to swim, working as water retrievers before becoming France’s national dog!

Whether it’s in a pet-friendly public pool, the nearby beach, a lake, or even a kiddie pool you bought online, give your Poodle the chance to enjoy the cold water on a hot day. Ensure the body of water you go to is safe and free from strong currents so your dog can jump in without worry. You can even play fetch and throw a ball or stick to the waters!

Let your dog wear a life jacket, especially when you have a beginner swimmer or small dog, like the Miniature or Toy Poodle. 

If your Poodle isn’t a fan of swimming, try to turn on your garden’s sprinklers and let it chase the spray! 

Go Outdoors

Poodles have high activity levels and need to expend all that pent-up energy! You can do so through daily walks, but why not change it up a bit by going for a hike or the local dog park to meet some friends?

Take your Poodle for a hike in the woods, where you can both enjoy the new sights and smells. Or go to the neighborhood dog park to spend time with new people and dogs. Ensure you prepare fresh water and your dog’s water bowl, along with chewy treats and poop bags. 

Throw Doggy Birthday Parties

There’s no better way to show your Poodle how much you love it than through a doggy birthday party every year! Invite all of your Poodle’s doggy friends (and owners), prepare all the dog-themed essentials, and decorate the house with bone shape decor, bone trays, and even a canine cake so your dog can “blow” the candles!

Be Together

Lastly, spoiling your Poodle doesn’t have to be something grand or require a lot of time and effort. Just being present with your Poodle is the best way to spoil it. Switch off the television and put your phone down during walks or when snuggling together, giving your full attention and enjoying each other’s company, letting everything else go.

Or when you have errands to run, take your Poodle and let it enjoy the car ride and wind! 

Besides what I mentioned, here are other ideas you can spoil your Poodle (and other dog breeds):