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There are many reasons why your first dog or your next dog should be a poodle. But the top two reasons that poodles make such good pets is that they have amazing, warm, playful personalities, and they are as smart…

Parti Poodle Puppies

medium coat white and brown dog

Parti poodles can have many different colors combinations, including black, white, red, blue, tan, chocolate brown, fawn, apricot, cream, silver, gold, or any variety of these coat colors. They come from all over Europe and Asia. Still, they look like…

Poodle Fun Facts

long-coated white dog
Poodle Fun: Poodles think they're human. They love their owners faithfully and wish to be with them. Many individuals believe that Poodles originated in Germany. The Breed Poodle originates from the German term Pudel, which is short for Pudelhund, a derivative suggesting "splashing dog."

Poodle Grooming

black poodle with yellow leash

Many dog owners and groomers love poodles because they have a wool-like and hypoallergenic coat that doesn’t shed. But their thick, wavy, and constantly growing coats come with a price. They will need to have routine grooming to help keep…

Owning A Poodle

brown puppy

People originally bred poodles as gundogs or water retrievers, with functioning hair clips or fashions. Their long hair kept their joints and vital organs warm when swimming in cold water, catching waterfowl, and their shaved regions prevented debris from depositing…

Poodle Training

shallow focus photography of brown dog
Poodle Training: Knowing how to keep his interest can keep your dog attentive and motivated throughout the training session...

Poodle Origin

brown curly coated small dog on green grass field during daytime

The Poodle is miscategorized as being pampered, insanely cute, and dressed up for glam and show. If you own a Poodle or researched about the breed, then you’ll know that this is such a wrong stereotype! Poodles have such an…

Poodle Personality

short-coated brown dog
Poodle Personality: Poodles bond with their family quickly; yet, these bonds are strong and last a lifetime. Poodles grow into very loving pets, are known to pour out affection to their owners and other creatures they've been raised with.