chocolate poodle sitting on grass

Poodles for Adoption

woman kissing dog while sitting on chair

Signs Your Poodle May Be Dying

Death is inevitable. For us pet owners, it’s a part we hate thinking of for us pet owners, but one that we will eventually face.  When talking about pet Poodles passing, you can find many articles about the stages of…

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Popular Poodle Breeds of the Rich and Famous

The Poodle is an intelligent and athletic breed that’s existed for centuries now, working as a water retriever, truffle hunter, service animal, and even a circus performer! While you can usually find exquisite Poodles in the show ring in a…

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Shepadoodle – The German Shepherd Poodle Mix

Are you considering getting a German Shepherd Poodle Mix? Also known as the Shepadoodle, this dog is a product of two contrasting parent breeds in terms of size. However, they have similar intelligence levels and hardworking personalities that make them…

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Poodle Grooming – The Teddy Bear Cut

Tired of your Poodle’s current haircut? This is your sign to maybe give your dog a Teddy Bear Clip. A Poodle should have regular trimming as part of their grooming maintenance needs. There are so many types of Poodle haircuts…

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